How long can the classic car market sustain $200k Kombi Vans?

Those of you who follow the classic car market would have seen the recent sale of the $202,000 23 Window Kombi at the recent Shannon’s auction in Melbourne. Somebody bid more than 50% over the guide price to secure this car. The Kombi is iconic, but is it really worth that sort of money? The market might say yes at the moment, but it is unlikely to be sustained. This sort of exuberance feels like the 80s market where nice cars that are not particularly rare like the MK2 Jag were fetching silly money. Of course, it all fell in […]

Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction 2014

The Citroen Club had a meeting at the Shannon’s auction display again and as usual Shannons had a nice selection of cars on show.

The pick of the auction for me was the Traction Avant. Almost in my ideal spec. (I would prefer a year older with the small boot). As well as this there were some other interesting cars for sale including:

Lot 1: 1980 Volvo 242GT

The 242 is a real cult car and probably the squarest two door car ever made. For an expected price of $6-10,000 you can look evil and sensible all at once.


Product Review: SCA Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jack

Supercheap Auto had their hydraulic positioning Jack on sale ($162 e.a.) last week so I picked up a set for the garage. There are some parts of the Garage that are not easy to get cars in/out of, and I’ve also had situations such as with the 280CE where there are cars that are not running for extended periods of time as I work on them. I also had a $100 gift voucher to use, and about $25 of credit on their loyalty card that was going to expire.

If you’re not familiar with how this tool works, basically it […]

Retrosound radio in the DS almost complete for the second time

Previously, I had been working on a nicer faceplate solution for the Retrosound Model 2 radio in the Citroen DS.

I am happy to say that this is now almost complete and back in the car. There are a few more adjustments to do, but overall it is a much better solution to the one I had before.

With the rear knobs cut down to size, the next task was to mount the shafts for the knobs to the front of the radio. I had already separated the front of the radio from the main chassis when I originally installed […]