Old Benz as a daily driver?

There are plenty of interesting classic cars out there that I are fun to own, and drive on the weekend.   My E-Type is one of those for example.   Not so many can be realistically driven every day though.   In my opinion, the Mercedes-Benz range from the 60s is one of those who can.

I just saw an interesting story of a 250SE coupe in America that has always been used as a daily driver, is kept in great condition, and now has over 1,000,000 miles on it.     My 250SE, which was used as a daily driver until the 90s has almost 300,000 miles on it, which compared to this car is only scratching the surface of what these cars are capable of. (like the car in the URL, I also have the high mileage award, but at the 250,000 level. I am still about 60,000km from the 500,000 level).

I use my 450SLC as a ‘daily driver’ although I ride the bus to work.   Having said that, one of the cars at the time I considered as a 280SE 3.5 sedan. In the end I went for the SLC because I wanted the Coupe, but not because I didn’t think the W108 could not do the job.

Probably with the exception of some of the smaller engined diesel cars, the Mercedes range from the 60’s can keep up with modern traffic, is nice to drive, offers ‘modern’ safety features like disc brakes, crumple zones and so on.   These cars are well designed and put together and with the proper maintenance can be used every day.    Sure it might not be as reliable as a corolla, but who wants to drive a corolla every day?

It is also great to see these cars on the road on a regular basis.   In my view, there is nothing worse than Classic cars that end up as garage queens.

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