Halogen Headlight Upgrade

About 18 months ago, I had my E-Type upgraded from sealed beams to Halogen headlights.  Last night, I took the car on the first extended night drive since the upgrade.    What a difference!

The Halogen upgrade also included relays and wiring directly from the battery to the lights.     Before this upgrade I never felt particularly comfortable driving the car at night.   With this upgrade both the dipped and main beams really illuminate the road.

I took the car on a drive through Galston Gorge and then up the Old Northern road, almost to Wisemans Ferry.   Hawkins lookout is a nice place to stretch your legs and turn around.   This is a nice drive and there was little traffic.   Too bad so many drivers do not dip their beams when there is oncoming traffic.

For anyone who has a classic car with the standard round sealed beams, I highly recommend this upgrade.   I generally like to keep cars stock, but this upgrade increases the drivability (and safety) of the car.  Relays are also a worthy addition to stop all that current going through the headlight switch.   Relays can be added to cars that already have halogen headlights.    The previous owner added relays to my DS and it also has excellent lighting.

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