DS sill trim – replacement part 1

The other day I had removed all the sill trim from the DS.  I also re-routed the speaker wires so new trim can be fitted.   Next step was to fit the silver trim that faces the outside of the car, but is only visible when the doors are open, and the inner weather strip.

The trim is glued on, but needs to be slightly trimmed to size, and on the rear doors, cut to accommodate the closing mechanism.  I used spray adhesive.   The trim also folds around below the car and is sandwiched between the sill and the stainless steel sill cover.

Silver trimOnce fitted, the chrome strip and the weatherstrip can also be fitted.   I also had to slightly trim the weatherstrip.

Chrome strip

My old weatherstrips were crumbling and the trim was cracking in places.  This repair makes it look a whole lot better.   As the DS sill trim is on display every time you open/close the doors, it is a worthwhile improvement.


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