Eastern Suburbs cars and coffee August 2022

Today I took my E-Type to the Eastern Suburbs cars and coffee event.  I’ve never taken my E-Type to one of these informal cars and coffee events.  I normally take what I have in the garage on the day.  The E-Type is a car I normally get out for specific drives or shows.   That means it’s less likely than some of the other cars to be sitting in the garage for daily use.

This month’s event was the smallest I’ve been to.   While the weather was certainly a factor, the other was the normal location was closed for a special event.  The organizers left a message on Instagram saying the event was still on – at the previous spot in the park.   I drove over to the spot I thought was the usual spot, having been to a few events there.   Not a car in sight.   I almost went home, but I figured it might be nice to drive around the park for a bit anyway, so eventually I did come across the much smaller than normal group.

My E-Type

The Centennial Park location is certainly more picturesque than Driver avenue.  Its a lot busier there and there is a constant stream of cyclists and other park users.   Some of the cyclists are quite aggressive.  You really have to watch where you walk in case you get bowled over.

In driving the E-Type over in the damp conditions, it struck me how much I dislike the tyres I have on the car right now.   They are only from 2019, so I’m stuck with them for a bit longer but their grip in the wet is pathetic.

Some of my favorite cars on the day was the Black E-Type 3.8, The Golf GTi MK1, the Aston Martin DB6, the BMW M635csi and the Bentley S series.

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