Traction won’t select a gear

Today I was planning to change the oil in the engine and gearbox of the Traction.   I took it for a drive to heat up the oil so it would drain out nicely.   It was a lovely evening and I was enjoying the drive, then all of a sudden, the Traction won’t select a gear.   Despite pushing the clutch to the floor, I was unable to engage any gear.

Traction won't select a gear

The car was running nicely, so I don’t think the fragile Traction gearbox has given up.  My assumption is that the problem is to do with the gear linkages or clutch, but I am n0t sure.

I had to wait nearly two hours at a fairly busy intersection for a tow.   It was interesting to see the cars that were attentive to see my waving people around me – since the Traction does not have hazard lights.   From two hours and a few hundred cars, by far the most inattentive drivers are P platers and drivers of large SUVs.   SUV drivers were always the ones that got so close they had to reverse to get around me.

Since it was late Monday night, I had the car towed back to the garage, and I’ll need to work out how to get it going again from there.   It might need to be towed to a proper workshop.

The other thing I did today was extend the overflow tube from the radiator so it did not coat the inside of the engine bay.

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