Auto Brunch St. Ives March 2020

The 2020 March Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground was the biggest I have attended.    I was only able to stay for about forty minutes and cars were already leaving when I arrived, but the total numbers were up on last time’s already large attendance.

This month I went in my 450SLC.    I perhaps should have taken the 560SEC as there were three other 560SECs in attendance, including another one in Nautical Blue.     The other Nautical Blue car had much thinner headlight wipers than my car or the white one.   I didn’t get a chance to look at the gold one before it left.    I prefer the thinner ones but am not sure what is correct.   The owner of the blue car had it for many years and it was in lovely condition.    I also saw one of the nicest W201 190Es I have seen in many years.   It was a 190E 2.3 and it had less than 100,000 km on the clock.    There was not as big a Mercedes-Benz showing this time as it was not an official event.   There was a Pagoda and a 190SL though.

SLC and T-Bird

Highlights this month included a couple of really nice Renault Caravelles, Since nice Alfa Romeos, Volvo P1800, Minis and more.    There must have been a group from the Triumph club there as there were plenty of Triumphs, especially TR3s.   There were also three E24 BMW 6 series and its predecessor a 3.0 CS.

I was also impressed to see a couple of Lancias and continuing the rally theme two great looking Audio Quattros.   There is normally something interesting and random like a Volvo 1 series wagon that was there this time.

The great weather of the day probably contributed to the excellent turn out of the 2020 March Auto Brunch.    I always enjoy this event.

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