Insanity reigns at the Shannons Melbourne Auction

The world has officially gone mad, with prices for Kombi vans (aka the VW Bus) reaching the stratosphere.   This to me is a clear bubble market and anyone who has a split window Kombi should sell it now while you can.    You’ll probably be able to buy it back for a third of the money in 5 years.

Offered for auction was an 11 window bus, which reached a hammer price of $158,000 after furious bidding.

Coming back to reality, somebody got a nice deal on a black Mercedes 220a Roundie for $7,500 and under the estimate of around $10-12k.    There was also little interest in a S1 Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas.   This car wasn’t perfect, but it should ahve been worth more than the $3,250 it reached.

A few other interesting cars came through, including a 1981 280CE for $6,500, a very nice W108 280SEL for $17,000, and a nice 6.3 for $50,500.

I don’t know a lot about them, but there was a very nice pre-war Rolls Royce that hit a little over $100,000.

All in all, this auction was pretty standard.   A few good bargains to be had, and fad cars reaching incredible prices.

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