Re-routing the DS rear speaker wires

I had originally tucked the wiring for the rear speakers in the DS under the marine carpet that was on the inside of the sills.   However, I am now replacing that and gluing down the correct vinyl, so wanted a better solution.

The DS wiring harness actually goes between the inner and outer sill, along with some hydraulic lines.   This is not normally accessible, but I already had the stainless steel sill covers off, so it was a good time to re-wire those speakers.  It is not easy to feed the wires in there, but worth it I think.


The cables can be fed through next to some other cable that has an opening that leads into the right spot.   many of the openings actually lead into the box section which is inaccessible.   This opening allows you to push the cable into some kind of chamber, and you’ll need tweezers to grab it and pull it out through along with the factory wiring harness.


The hardes part, is getting the wires up through the bottom of the C-pillar.   In the end I found a brake bleed hose was the best compromise between flexibility and rigidity to push it up through the cavity.   The brake hose is too wide to pull up the speaker cable, but you can first attach a single wire to hose, pull it through and then use that single wire to pull through the speaker wires.


From there, the factory has provided an opening to the boot for the boot light that can be used for the speaker wire.

Speaker wire through

All in all, this job took a few hours, although much of it was experimenting with different ways of pulling the wires through.   It is much neater and means if I ever need to get to the speaker wire, I will not need to pull up my new trim.


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