Cost Savings of new RMS Logbook Trial

I’ve now moved two cars onto the new 60 day logbook trial with the RMS, and the cost savings are well worth it!     The cost of full registration is just a bit above $1,000 if you assume a green slip of over $500 and the Rego of a little under $500.    The cost of the new rego is around $150 including greenslip, so a saving of more than $850.

Adding to that, as the car is now on historic plates, the insurance goes down as well.   so the savings per car work out to be in the order of $1,000 depending on the value (insurance) or weight (rego).  Over time, the insurance rates may go up if people are using this scheme a lot, but it is unlikely to go up to where it was, and will probably settle somewhere in the middle.

The only slight annoyance is the historic rego plates are tiny and look a bit silly on a big car especially as you need to make up special plates to mount them as they are not wide enough for mounting holes…    Not sure why they couldn’t be the same size as the white slimline plates.

So far the Traction Avant and the 250SE are on the new system, and ultimately the Jag and the DS will go over once their rego is due.

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