2015 Rolls Royce Owners Club Concours

I have always admired Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles, and was impressed with the display at the British Car Show, so decided to go down and see the 2015 Rolls Royce Owners Club concours.   The event was held at Linnwood House, which is a historic house located in Sydney’s western suburbs.   The House has some very nice grounds that are perfect for holding a car show.

2015 Rolls Royce Owners Club Concours

The show was worth the trip and despite early rain had a good showing of cars.   As well as RROC, the Rover Club and the Daimler club had displays on, and was able to learn a bit more about Rover P5s.   I’m told the Mk2 P5 Coupe is the one to have.

For the Rolls Royces, there was a nice selection of cars including a very impressive range of pre-war cars.  Far larger than any of the clubs I am a member of.   As you would expect the Silver Shadow and Silver Spirit were the most popular cars on display, but there was a good mixture of cars.   My two favorites were the early Bentley Corniche coupe and the Bentley S3 Flying Spur.   The 2015 Rolls Royce Owners Club Concours was worth a visit and I will go again if the times work.

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