Ad of the week: Fiat 1100

This is a really odd ad for the Fiat 1100. The text covers some of its features, but the picture and the reference to the tolls is bizarre. Obviously they are implying it is so fuel efficient that tolls won’t be a problem. The car does come across as a bit disposable with the ‘always […]

Ad of the week: Mercedes 230SL

This is a great Ad for the Mercedes 230SL W113 depicting it as a temptress preying on well heeled men. It would been seen as Sexist today but I think it is rather clever and fits in well with the car.

Meet Mercedes (230SL). She has designs on men with money.

Men of whatever […]

Ad of the week: Jaguar Mk2 3.8

This ad show the Mk2 Jaguar 3.8 Sedan for the US market. It is a rather odd ad in that it depicts the car in some kind of storm, but the car is so small you can hardly see it. The Styling and performance are the two big buying reasons for the 3.8 mk2 and […]

The new Gosford Car Museum

The Gosford Car museum just opened, and Australia now has a classic car museum to rival some of the museums of the world. Having been to some great Museums around the world, this one certainly holds its own. I was able to accompany the RROC and explore the museum. Plenty of the cars on the […]

Rolls Royce Club drive to the Gosford Car Musem

Today I was fortunate enough to join the Rolls Royce club for their drive to the new Gosford Car Museum. I am not a member of the club but was invited by a friend who is. I had wanted to visit the new museum since it opened a few weeks ago and a drive up […]

Ad of the week: Citroen DS Aerodynamic Styling

This Citroen Ad from 1963 covers a key selling point of the DS which was that its Aerodynamic Styling allows it to have a fairly small engine giving good fuel consumption but still allowing a 100mph top speed. This shows a 2nd nose DS and shows various streamlining features that allow this performance and fuel […]

2010 Arthritis Auto Show – Columbus Ohio

In July 2010 I went to the Arthritis Auto show in Columbus Ohio. As I understand it this show raises money for the Arthritis foundation and there was a really great selection of cars on display. I was living in Detroit, Michigan at the time and so it was about a four hour drive each […]