MBCNSW March 2021 Night Drive

Today was the monthly MBCNSW night drive.   Over the last week, Sydney has experienced the worst storms in sixty years.   The original route that we picked for the drive was not going to be possible.  It went down into the national park and close to flooded areas.   There was also the risk of unknown potholes in the road that we wouldn’t see at night.

Therefore, we decided to postpone the original route to June and do a much simpler drive this evening.   We met at McDonalds Thornleigh.   From there, we drove up Pennant Hills road and then down Pacific Highway to Woolloomooloo.   it was a good opportunity to go out for a drive and catch up with some of the MBCNSW members.

MBCNSW night drive

Given the weather, we had a great turnout of cars.   I took my 86 300SE.   There were three other W126 cars including a pristine yellow 280SE, a 380SEC which was sporting a new warm up regulator, installed just before the start of the drive and a very low mileage 420SEL.   We also had two very nice 450SLCs, a R230 SL, and some modern AMG performance cars including an E55 and a CLA45S.

MBCNSW night drive

After being affected by the rain for the last week it was good to get out for a drive. There was very little traffic on the road and Woolloomooloo was practically deserted.

MBCNSW night driveA few members came for the meet up point but didn’t go on the drive.   That is a good idea for those who want to come along but are not interested in such a late night.    Overall, despite the last minute change it was a very successful MBCNSW night drive.

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