The new Gosford Car Museum

The Gosford Car museum just opened, and Australia now has a classic car museum to rival some of the museums of the world.    Having been to some great Museums around the world, this one certainly holds its own.   I was able to accompany the RROC and explore the museum.  Plenty of the cars on the drive up would have fit right into the collection.

What stands out is the range of the collection – there really is something for everyone and not everything is a multi-million dollar Ferrari there is some really interesting stuff in there.   They had a really interesting section for communist cars (including a rare Gaz Chaika – a car for high ranking party officials), a car called the Black Prince, and all the usual favourites.

The best represented marques were probably Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Jaguar.     But there were loads of great oddballs as well – for example a brace of Bedford trucks.  I think the highlight of the museum is supposed to be the huge Ferrari collection, and it certainly is impressive, but for me it was quite low on the list compared to some of the other cars.     Some of my favourites:

  • Mercedes 300S
  • The red 300SL
  • The Invicta Black Prince
  • A little boat tailed Fiat
  • XK140 FHC
  • Bentley S2 Continental
  • The Tatraplan
  • Mazda Cosmo

Gosford Car Museum

It was also really nice to see models near each other for comparison, e.g. a 220S Mercedes Ponton and a 220S Mercedes Fintail.   Or A Rolls Royce Phantom VI next to a Silver Cloud III.

Apparently the cars are for sale, although they do not have prices listed.   I would have liked a bit more description of the various cars, and the cafe was seriously overwhelmed, taking 55 minutes to bring out a hamburger.  These are all small teething problems for an excellent museum which will hopefully thrive.

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