Citroen DS front end wiring – part 5

After all my hassles with the DS wiring, I wanted a better solution.  Not only were the existing bullet connectors old and brittle, but their colours had largely faded.   Instead of replacing the bullet connectors with new ones, I decided to use multi-wire plugs.   In this case, Deutsch connectors.   Instead of eight wires on one side and six on the other, there would be a couple of simple connectors to unplug each time the wings are removed.   On the DS, the wings are removed for many service jobs, so they come off every year or so.


Wiring in progress

I had to be careful to label each wire as I added it to the connector.   Getting one wrong would mean starting again.    The passengers side had 8 wires, so has two four wire connectors.  I had meant to wire them so they could not be mixed up (i.e. female/male on one side and male/female on the other).   However I used the wrong connectors and so they are both the same.    They should not get mixed up as the wires are different lengths.    The drivers side will use a single six wire connection.   Some of those wires are actually redundant as the headlight wiring in this care is non standard and goes through relays on the drivers side.

DS connectors

While not strictly correct, the connectors are a much better solution.  Neater, and will be much easier to use each time the wings are removed.   To protect the paintwork on the wing, I had all my tools laid out.   It looked like one of those backyard surgeons you see in mob movies.


The front wings will be coming off soon, as the front suspension boots need replacing.   This wiring upgrade should make it much easier.    A quick test showed all the front end lights/accessories working correctly.

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