Hero Hoists Side by Side Parker Installation Part 2

In Part 1, I had done the heavy lifting to get the Side by Side Parker installed.    I have arranged an electrician to come and hook the hoist up on Wednesday.  This gave me a deadline to get as much as I could before they arrive.   Most importantly to mount the motor.

The motor is quite heavy, but straightforward to get mounted.   A hydraulic fitting needs to be screwed into the motor so it can drive the hoists hydraulic cylinder.   The hydraulic fluid chamber also must be filled.   The motor can be mounted either at the front or back of the post.   Even though it may be slightly more awkward to operate, mounting it at the back will save space.

Side by Side Parker Motor

Next was to install the mechanism to release the locks.   This involves a serious of rods that are controlled by a handle near the power unit.   This was proceeding quite well when I noticed a problem.   To fit the rods to connect the rear lock release, a rod must be inserted that is about a meter long.   I don’t have a meter of clearance at the back of the hoist.   Due to the posts in the workshop, I don’t have that much space to move it forward to add in this rod.

I may need to find a way of cutting this rod so it can be inserted from underneath.  If I cut it, I will need to find a way of re-joining it, so perhaps having threads added?   The picture below shows the rod on the right with the T-piece at the end.   This T-piece means I cannot install it from the bottom.    This is the only thing I have left to do before the core installation is done.

Locking Rod

I may not be able to solve this by Christmas.   At least having the power connected should allow me to raise it to the highest level so I can park cars underneath until I can find an alternate to this rod.

Continued in Part 3.

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