Replacing W126 cowl covers

I had previously removed the W126 cowl covers to clean the drains.   Now they are clean and I have replaced the ABS module bracket, they were ready to be re-installed.

Before I did so, I had some new parts to install.   The first were the rubber boots that cover the windscreen wiper shafts.  On most W126 cars they are almost non existent.  On my 560SEC, I had the remains of one, and the other was completely gone.    The picture below shows the two new boots along with the remains of what was left on my car.

W126 Wiper shaft bootsSecond was the rubber seal that goes between the W126 Cowl covers and the windscreen.  These are normally cracked and perished.  The seal on my SEC wasn’t too bad, but it was covered with hairline cracks and no longer sitting flush against the glass as it had gone hard.   These are now available as reproduction parts.   I also purchased one for the 300SE and 560SEL as the postage was going to be about the cost of the seal if I only purchased one.

seal for W126 cowl drains

It is hard to see from the photo, but the one on the top is the new seal.   The old seal has many cracks as shown.

The W126 cowl covers go on fairly easily.   I found it easier to put on the bigger one first, starting with the windscreen side to tuck it under the glass.   The seal shown above is just pushed onto the plastic cowl cover once it is in place.   The windscreen wiper seals just slip over the wiper shafts.

W126 cowl covers installed

There are supposed to be five clips holding the covers on to the inner firewall, but for some reason I only have two.  I forgot to order 3 more in my parts order.   I couldn’t find a new seal for the inner firewall, so I just re-used the original one.   It wasn’t too bad.

The windscreen wiper just go on in the reverse of how they are installed.   I made some marks on the windscreen before I removed them to align.  This can be seen in the photo above.   I have not yet tested the wipers, but I am confident they are in the right position.

My final parts for the cooling system should arrive next week so I should be able to put the car together and test all the work I have been doing.

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