Product Review Update: SCA Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jack

Back in 2015 I did a review on the SuperCheap Auto Vehicle Positioning Jack.  I had purchased a set of these during a SCA sale.     Overall, I have mixed feelings about this purchase.    The jacks are useful to move cars that are not running.   The big challenge with them is that moving even a medium sized car requires two people, even on a flat concrete floor.   It is much easier to push a car without the jacks if it is moving in a straight line.

My expectation was that I would be able to push a regular size car around myself.  I expected that it would require effort, but I did expect to be able to do it.    The only car I have moved on the jacks that was easy to move had no engine.   Moving a race car with no interior, but with a motor was nigh on impossible on my own.

Vehicle Positioning Jack

It would also be easier to use them if they would open about 5 CM more.   As can be seen in the picture, one of the plastic guides has split, but that is my fault for moving part of the hoist on the jack.

Surprisingly, if the need is to spin a car around, it can be easier to use only two of the jacks instead of all four.

I do not know if the inability to move a car is due to this particular vehicle positioning jack, or is common to all.   I suspect this is a cheap unit and others are better.

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