Auto Brunch St Ives February 2021

I attended the St Ives Auto Brunch February 2021 event today.   This was the first one I have been to since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak.   It was also the biggest one by far.   There were literally hundreds of cars, even overflowing into other parking areas of St Ives showground.

This was also the first time I got there at the starting time – 7:30AM and it was already quite busy.   This event is great as there is always so much variety there.   And while there are a few cars I see ever time, there are also a lot of cars I’ve seen for the very first time.

I took my 450SLC this time.   I got quite a good spot right in the middle of the show.   There were not a huge number of other Mercedes-Benz’s but there were a couple of nice SLs and a beautiful anthracite 220SEb coupe with a red interior.    I also followed in a pristine 250S W108 in brown.   It was a lovely example and looked very original.

There was also a good selection of Rolls Royces including a couple of pre-war models.   Keeping up the pre war theme was a Railton with a straight eight engine.   Very impressive.     There is always a good selection of Jaguar E-Types.   So much so I have never brought mine along as they are so common!   British cars make up a good selection of the show, obviously with MGBs being the most common.   This time there was a rare Jensen FF along with its more common Interceptor cousin.


For such a big event, there was only one Citroen – a CX that arrived just as I was leaving.   Normally you might see a DS or two, or perhaps a 2CV.      One car that attracted a lot of attention was an old Toyota Corona with the personal number plate ‘VIRUS’.   Survivors of this era of Toyota in such great condition are quite rare.

For an impromptu cars and coffee event, the St Ives Auto Brunch February 2021 event was bigger than some formal car shows I have been to.   For example, much bigger and better than last time I went to the Australia day car show at Parramatta.

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