Retrosound Model 2 Repair

The Retrosound Model 2 radio in my Citroen DS has been playing up.   It would randomly adjust the volume on its own, mostly down.   The practical effect of this was not being able to listen to the radio.   A while back I removed the face of the radio to take a look and the wire from the volume knob to the radio looked chafed.   The face of the radio is separate from the main unit as there is not enough room in the DS to install it in one piece.

Retrosound Model 2

Retrosound sell replacement shafts so this seemed like a good start.    This was pretty easy to replace – it actually took longer to to get the face out of the car than to replace the shaft!

Retrosound Model 2

The only problem is that Retrosound have modified the shafts in the newer radios.   The rear knob is oriented 90 degrees offset from before.  I had to modify the rear knobs to fit – I may need to make new one to fix this problem as its quite apparent.  The rear knob the left side should be vertical, not horizontal.

Retrosound Model 2

After the re-install I took a test drive and it looks like the problem is fixed.    I have been really happy with the retrosound model 2 in the DS.   I’m a bit fan of these radios – so much so that I just installed one in my 250SE.

After fixing the radio I changed the oil, filter and gearbox oil.   Its been a while since the car was off the road for 18 months.    The gearbox oil is a bit of a pain on this car, the easiest way is to pump it in via the inspection hole rather than remove the radiator ducting.

Citroen DS oil change

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