Auto Brunch St. Ives February 2020

I attended the monthly Auto Brunch event in St. Ives Showground today.    This time I took my DS.   It was pretty dusty from all the smoke in Sydney, but still got a lot of attention.     Even though I have been four times,  there can still be a lot of variety and different cars I have not seen before.   This month there was a whole line up of Jensen Interceptors.   I’m a fan of the interceptor – it’s a big brute of a car combining Italian Styling, British engineering and an American (Chrysler) powertrain.

Auto Brunch

The Mercedes Club also featured Auto Brunch as an event for the first time so there were far more Mercedes-Benz on display than there had been in the past.   This included a fair number of 107 SLs and SLCs as well as a nice 280SL Pagoda, 190SL and W108 3.5.       As well as the Mercedes-Benz display there were also a fair number of Alfa-Romeos.

As usual, there were good line ups of Porsches, MGBs and E-Types.      Its kind of funny that the cars that are considered rare and valuable are more common than the pedestrian models.   When was the last time you saw a 2.8 XJ6 for example?  Collectors pay for production rarity, not actual rarity.

The row I parked my DS featured a 2.5 liter three cylinder motorcycle.   It had the largest engine in the row – larger than an MGB, my DS, a landcruiser, a couple of volvos and more.

One of the good things about the Auto Brunch event is that the venue is large so there is never a chance that you won’t be able to find somewhere to park.

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