Alternate route to the Hunter – Wisemans Ferry

On a recent trip to the Hunter Valley I was looking for ways of avoiding the F3 and its traffic.   On the way there, I went via the Putty Road.  On the way back, I took tourist route 33 then over Wisemans ferry.

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The route is nice with minimal traffic, good winding roads and scenery.   As you drive along route 33, you’ll see an early sign to Wisemans Ferry – this is an unsealed road and not the ferry you’re looking for, so ignore this sign.      You’ll also get to smell the chicken farms along the route – best to go through that area rather quickly!

overall this route is a faster way than Putty, but Putty is a better drive.   Even better do both!  Certainly better than sitting in the F3 traffic, and this route is probably a bit less popular with the motorbike crowd.  It’s also far enough from the city that the cyclists don’t clog it up.

If you like ferries, you can also go back via the Berowra waters ferry instead of through Dural.   I didn’t as it was getting late.

Wisemans ferry

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