Waterfall to Bulli night drive

Last night was the February 2021 MBCNSW Night Drive.   This month’s route was Waterfall to Bulli.   The rain all through the week in Sydney had been raining, but it finished just before the start of the drive and the weather was actually good the whole time.   It probably kept a few people away though.

As usual there was a good mix of cars  – the expected bad weather did skew it more towards moderns than normal.   I took my 300SE along for this drive.   It was the first lone drive in the car since the new oil pump was fitted.   The car performed well – the drive required extended high RPM running and the engine seemed to be running very sweetly.

Waterfall to Bulli

The route we took was a bit different from the usual Royal Nation Park run.   Instead of entering the park at Farnell avenue, we drove down the main highway until Waterfall.   We then took the tight windy sections of Lady Wakehurst drive before exiting the park and taking the old highway past the Sublime point lookout.   This was a nice change, and done partly because there had been recent reports of hoons running through the park at crazy speeds and the subsequent police crack downs.   We didn’t want to get involved in either of those things.

Waterfall to Bulli

We finished up at a McDonalds.   They are always good finishing spots for the night drives as many of them are open 24×7.   It is one of the few places to consistently do that.    The also generally have good, well lit parking lots.   The route worked well and those who attended enjoyed the drive from Waterfall to Bulli.

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