Cocomats for the 560SEC

A couple of months ago some of friends of suggested a group order for Cocomats. This coincided with a 15% off sale and shared shipping.   Cocomats are a floor mat made from coconut fibre and were a period accessory during the 1950s and 60s.    They were quite popular with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and other manufacturers.    I have wanted to replace the generic rubber mats in the 250SE for a long time.    As well as the 250SE mats, I also purchased a set for the 560SEC.

I thought long and hard about which car would be best for the second set.   In the end I chose the 560SEC.   It still had the original dealer fitted mats.   Over thirty years later, the drivers mat in particular had gone all lumpy and discolored.

The cocomats are a huge change for the better.   They look great, fit really well and seem very high quality.   They are also really heavy so they don’t move around when you drive.


I went with #04 Blue/Natural. The Blue goes well with the Nautical Blue exterior and the Natural goes well with the cream interior.    I also considered the Natural and the Natural/White.   I am really glad I went with the Blue/Natural though.

cocomatsFor the 560SEC, I went with the four piece set.   I also considered the boot mat, but it is quite expensive for something that you don’t really see.   You can also get a small piece to go into the centre console.   It can look quite good but my console carpet is still in nice shape.


One of the things you really notice is what a good fit the mats are.   This is because they come from templates that are specific to the car.   Additionally, because the company don’t sell all that many RHD sets, they sent us the templates in paper form to check and make adjustments.

It take a couple of hours to get the templates right, but it is worth it once you see the result.   I found the best way was to use a sharpie to mark where I would cut paper from the template, and tape bits of paper on to extend.


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