Auto Brunch St Ives November 2022

Yesterday I attended the Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground again.   It’s still far and away the best cars and coffee event in Sydney.   This month was no exception.   After about 10 months of horrible weather, we’ve finally had some lovely spring days here in Sydney.

It was a perfect day for a car show, the only slight downside was the rural fire service were also taking advantage of the weather doing a controlled burn in the vicinity.   At first the event was quite smoky but it soon cleared up.

As with last time, it was an official event for the Citroen club, so I took my DS.   There were two other D models on display, plus some other Citroens.  The BMW club was also making quite a day of it with many nice BMWs to choose from.  I was particularly impressed with the pair of red E24s.   Red is a great colour for this model.

IMG_8054I was also very impressed by an immaculate 60’s Maserati, and the Ferrari Testarossa.   You really notice how wide the Testarossa is in the rear when you see it parked at an event like this.   It’s such an iconic design.

I’ve never really been much of a fan of 911s, despite their popularity in the classic car world.  I’ve just never been able to get excited by them.  However, I saw a very early model in light green and you can definitely see the purity of the original design.

This will be my last St Ives event this year, as December clashes with a family function.

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