Mercedes Clubs National Rally 2022 – Show and Shine

The National Rally included a Show and Shine in the morning to display the participating cars.   The show and shine was held at Wigley park, a very nice spot near the Marina in Glenelg.   The cars all had to be in place for 10AM as the show was open to the public from 10-12PM.

After a wash first thing in the morning, we assembled the cars in the park and it ended up being an impressive line up of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, old and new.   I would expect around 80 cars were on display. My two favourites were the 220SE Cabriolets, two of which were in display.    Both were local cars.   As well as those, there were a couple of really nice W110 fintails, a 190 and a 230, a model that is not often seen at our displays in Sydney.

Show and Shine

As well as those, there was a good selection of models from the 70’s and 80s in really good condition, including a W123 with 90,000km on the clock.  Other W123 and W116 models were almost as well preserved.   I had spotted a W188 300S in a photo from one of the pre-rally events and I had hoped to see that car, however it was not there on the day.   This is an incredibly rare car in Australia.

Considering the distance, MBCNSW was well represented with a number of classic and modern cars on display.

I was pretty impressed with the event, not only the cars on display but the organization too.   It was great to see a couple of cars I had seen for years on various forums like Ozbenz in real life.  A good example was the red 190 W110 finnie.   Seeing two w111 cabriolets on display that are actually used regularly is a big plus.

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