Machines and Macchiatos December 2021

Machines and Macchiatos is another local cars and coffee event I’ve been meaning to check out.   I finally made it today, at their new location in Belrose.   This location is very convenient to for me.   Its on the second sunday of the month from 7am to 9am.   Between the St Ives event, Eastern Suburbs and this event I could be going to an event almost every Sunday.    Turnout was quite good, although a lot smaller than the St Ives event.   I’m not sure if this is normal, as the weather had been wet all week and looked quite iffy in the morning.   In any case, the Machines and Macchiatos show has a small fee to attend, which goes to Charity.

I had originally planned to take the Citroen DS to this event, or if not that, my Jaguar.   In the end I took my 560SEC.   I had a very busy week at work so didn’t have time to have the rebuilt brake accumulator fitted.   With the iffy weather, I also decided to leave the E-Type at home.  It was the first event with the new AMG Aero I wheels, which look great – even if a bit muddy from the rain.

Machines and MacciatosThe Mercedes Club had an official event within an event at the show, so there was a nice lineup of Mercedes cars.   I wasn’t part of this as I wasn’t originally planning on bringing a Mercedes, or even 100% sure I would come.   It was good to see some of the members and their cars at the event.     Probably the most common cars there were American cars – in particular Mustangs.   There were also a few nice full size American luxury cars like an Imperial and a Lincoln Continental.  I must be odd as I was more excited about seeing an original condition Landcrab than the McLaren that was on display.

This is a pretty good event.  I was home by 9am and it was easy to get in and out.   I would certainly attend again if i’m free on a Sunday morning.

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