Eastern Suburbs cars and coffee May 2022

I attended the Eastern Suburbs cars and coffee event for the 2nd time today. The event has moved to a new location since my last visit. Instead of being located inside Centennial Park, they now meet near the Sydney Cricket Ground – on Driver avenue near the Horden Pavilion. While its less picturesque than Centennial Park, it’s probably a better location as there is plenty of room to park cars, and no anti-car rangers trying to put an end to the whole thing.

It wasn’t quite as big as the last one, which isn’t that surprising since that was the […]

MBCNSW May 2022 Night Drive – Palm Beach

After a month of relentless rain, we finally had a sunny day for the May 2022 Night Drive. This drive was a shorter one, The Spit to Palm Beach. We had previously done a Palm Beach drive in October 2020, so we took a different route. On the previous drive, we started at Manly and hugged the coast until we reached Palm Beach. This time we started at the Spit, and took Wakehurst Parkway, bypassing the traffic lights and built up sections.

Wakehurst Parkway is a winding road through areas of bushland that are quite close to the city. […]

K-Jet fuel pressure test part 4

I’ve been trying to narrow down poor running on my 79 280SE when cold. Previously, I had two issues I was trying to narrow down, high control pressure when cold, and after a while both system and control pressure dropping and fluctuating. I had replaced the fuel pump, which made no difference to the fluctuation issue. I had also sent off my warm up regulator to be cleaned.

When my warm up regulator returned, I refitted it to the car. Even without running the engine, the control pressure was much better. Actually it was now too low. I still had […]

MBCNSW Cars and Coffee – May 2022

Last year the MBCNSW was planning a Paul Bracq day. That event had to be cancelled due to COVID. I had heard it was supposed to happen this year, so I put the date in my calendar as I was every keen on attending this event. I am a big fan of the cars of Paul Bracq. In the end, the event turned into a cars and coffee event in Bicentennial Park. Since I had already reserved the date, I planned to go along anyway and take my 250SE Cabriolet.

A few things got in the way of that. Firstly, […]

Identifying W126 Brake calipers

I recently attempted to take my 560SEL on a Mercedes Club night drive. On the way there, I experienced a soft brake pedal and a very hot drivers side rear wheel. I had an issue with a soft brake pedal on a mountain road back in 2020. At the time I thought I had solved it as I removed the aftermarket brake dust shields and had all the hoses replaced. It’s pretty clear that I have a sticking rear caliper (or two) that is the root of the issue. It also explains why I always felt the 560SEC had better […]

Jensen Club National Rally Display 2022

Today was the public display for the Jensen Club National Rally. Not being a Jensen owner, I’m obviously not a member of the club, so I attended as a spectator. The Jensen club is a national club, with sub groups in each state, so the annual national rally is also their opportunity to get together as a club. This year it was held in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. The Blue Mountains is a great place to hold an event like this. Being out of the congestion of the capital cities, there are much better opportunities for car […]