2013 French car display day

Today I went to the annual French Car display day.   This is organized by the French Car clubs including Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Simca etc.  It’s held on a weekend around Bastille day, which this year happened to be the day of the event.   It was a good day and good to see familiar cars and faces of the Citroen Car club members.   Lots of interesting cars around, including a couple of early D’s, a custom DS convertible that one club member made himself, a lovely Traction Avant, and a really interesting Hotchkiss with a wooden body.

I had just got the DS registered again so took it along.   I like that they don’t take things too seriously and people just enjoy the day and look at the cars.


It’s also good to see so many D’s on full rego meaning they get regular use.   Club rego in NSW is extremely restrictive, the systems they use in Victoria and South Australia are much better.   (as is the one I used in Michigan).

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