Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 8

The seat covers project is now complete!   This evening I finished the back of the drivers seat (started in part 7), and installed it.   I also did the hard task of putting the centre arm rest in place too.

I didn’t fit the ashtray back as it was black for the Targa seats and should be white.   At some point I may find a white one, or paint mine, but in the meantime it is kind of funny to own a French car sans ashtray.

FinishedI took the car for a drive to ‘test drive’ the seats – the additional foam makes them slightly firmer than before, but still very comfortable and the velours are so much nicer so sit in than the Targa.   I’m really glad I did this upgrade and it is well worth it.

The covers from Citro Toon fit extremely well and were easy to install using the old ones as a template.   There are only a few small places where you can tell that a novice did the install but the money saved and satisfaction of doing the job yourself make it worth it.

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