Eastern Suburbs cars and coffee July 2022

I was able to attend the Eastern Suburbs cars and coffee event this morning.   I’ve managed to attend the last couple of these events and there are always a good mix of cars attending.   As it is an eastern suburbs event, the most popular car is always the Porsche 911.

It was interesting to see a 930 Turbo parked next to a regular 911 of the same era.   The flared wheel arches are really obvious on the 930.    While I always enjoy seeing the cars, the 911 is one classic I’ve never really gotten into.    I’ve always preferred the 928.

cars and coffee July 2022
For some reason attendance this month was quite a bit down.    The normal crowed of five or six cars from the Mercedes-Benz club were not there as the club was running a high tea event today.    That number of cars doesn’t explain the vastly reduced numbers as the event was about half as big as normal.   There must have been some other event on today as the weather was quite good.

Despite the reduced numbers, there were a few nice BMWs on display including two different 2002 models in the same colour.   There was also an Alpina 3 series, a 1 series with M3 v8 transplanted, and one of my favorite BMWs, a 635csi.

There were also two nice Austin Healy convertibles, a really original looking Mercedes W111 230S, and a couple of other interesting cars like a Rover SD1, Lancia Fulvia etc.    In addition, there was also a nice Mazda 323 wagon with a rotary.   It’s easy to forget that during that time, Mazda put rotary engines in all sorts of cars.

I took my 450SLC to the event, but forgot to take any photos of my own car.    I was parked next to a nice R129 SL.   With the National Rally and Canberra show, I’ve now done more than 5,000km in the 450SLC this year.

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