Auto Brunch St Ives September 2023

Today was the Monthly St Ives Auto Brunch cars and coffee event.    The event is held in St Ives showground.    Since I last attended, they have moved from being spread over some of the side roads and fields to the main showground.   This is a huge improvement.

The main showground is plenty big enough for all the cars that want to attend, without the parking chaos of previous events.    Of course, the organizers can improve the event, but they can’t think for the attendees.   Despite having an entire oval to park on, it was hilarious to see people trying to jam cars together in a corner of the oval so they were all blocked in, instead of creating rows with enough room to drive between them.    I made sure I parked facing the access road so I could easily get out.

I took my Citroen DS.   Its always a good car to take to events like this, as its quite different.   But today, it wasn’t.   There were three other very nice DS on display.   There was an original Henri Chapron convertible, plus two other very nice saloons.  The saloons were both later models.

As usual there was a great variety of cars at the show.   Right at the front, there was a line up of Jaguar XKs – there was an XK120 roadster, a drophead and an XK140 roadster.   There were was a contrast between the extremely valuable like a Ferrari F40 to the obscure and interesting.

Jaguar XKs

There were also some other really interesting cars, like a Blower Bentley, Toyota Crown, a Maserati Coupe, Ford GT 40 (I think a replica), and plenty more.

I always really enjoy going to this show, and I like the new format using the oval.    I normally find I run into a few people I know too.

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