MBCNSW Dam Drive

Today I went on a drive with the MBCNSW to visit some historic dams to the South of Sydney.  The idea was to supposed to be to go to each dam and check it out and then have a picnic lunch at one of them.   Unfortunately the Sydney weather did not play ball and it was a rather wet and wild day.   I brought a couple of my kids to the dam drive as they liked the idea of a picnic at the dams.

MBCNSW Dam Drive

The meeting point was at a carpark in the Sutherland Shire.   The weather had been quite rainy the day before, but it looked like it might be clearing.   I took my 560SEL on the Dam drive.   I had originally planned to bring the 450SLC, but I haven’t changed the fuel pressure accumulator yet.   Stopping at each dam might have been a bit of a pain with the hard hot starting.   In the end it was a good choice as the W126 is a better wet weather car.

As the weather was a bit iffy, attendance was weighted towards the modern cars.   There were three W126s and an R107 450SL.    Showing the popularity of the AMG cars in the club, a number of the modern models were AMG versions.

The first stop on our Dam drive was to be Woronora dam.    As we got there, the weather started to take a turn for the worse, but at least we were able to have a bit of a look.   I didn’t take many photos due to the weather.

from there, we proceeded to Cordeaux Dam.    We made it to the Dam, but the rain started bucketing down after that.   Instead of proceeding to Avon dam (supposed to be the next one on the Dam drive), we abandoned the drive from there.   Its a shame the weather turned out that way, as I think it would have been a really good drive.

A very wet 450SL on the dam drive

Most of the group went to a local pub for lunch.    My kids were keen on the picnic, as were the kids of another couple of friends on the drive, so we found some undercover tables and had the picnic.   We were visted by some very tame parrots who must be used to begging for food from picnickers.

My car with a parrot on the Dam drive

Even given the rain, it was still a nice drive and good to get the 560SEL out to stretch its legs.     I would like to try this drive again when the weather is good.

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