Extrapolated Production Figures

 Mercedes W111 220SE/250SE Coupe/Cabriolet

For reasons of their own, Mercedes gave the 220SE and 250SE models the same designator (111.021 for coupe and 111.023 for cabriolet).   In addition, the chassis number was shared with the 220SE sedan.   This was not continued for the later W111 coupe and cabriolet that have their own model designator and sequence.

From what I know there were:

  • 220SE Sedan:  66,086
  • 220SE: Coupe: 14,173
  • 220SE: Cabrio: 2,729
  • 250SE Coupe: 5,259
  • 250SE Cabriolet: 954
That should mean that there were a total of 82,988 220SE.
The last 220SE sedan was 82,687 produced in August 1965.   Coupe and Cabriolet continued for a couple of months.
That means the first 250SE would have been somewhere around #82989, although there was probably some production overlap.      It also means the last 250SE should have been around #89201.
So far the oldest 250SE I have seen (I am only looking at RHD models that probably were not first) is #83113, and the last being #88966.
I would be interested to know the first and last, as I own #83113 and am curious if it was the first RHD 250SE Cabriolet.

Citroen DS

On the DS I am curious about how many people would have ordered a DS21 Comfort with a Semi-Automatic.

From various books I have I can see that in 1970 there were 102,218 DS produced in France.    Of these:

  • 34,088 were DS Berline (Sedan)
  • 61,707 were ID Berline (D Special and D Super by then)
  • 6383 were Breaks (Station Wagons)
  • 40 were Cabriolets

For the Individual Models:

  • 29,134 D Special
  • 28,269 D Super
  • 4,106 ID20 Break
  • 2,277 ID21 Break
  • ???? DS20 BVM (last year for this model)
  • 6,718 DS20 BVH
  • 3,856 DS21 BVM
  • 7,349 DS21 BVH
  • 3,820 DS21 ie BVM
  • 3,634 DS21 ie BVH

Of which the 40 Cabriolets should be included in those figures, all as DS21.

However, the numbers do not add up!

For the ID Berline, I am ‘missing’ 4,303 cars,  and for the DS Berline, I am ‘missing’ a whopping 8,709 cars, a higher number than what I have for any of the sub models.     By 1970 the UK, Belgium, Australia etc stopped producing cars.    Those totals are supposed to be for French production anyway.  I don’t have any figures for the DS20 BVM, and as far as I know this was not discontinued until September 1970 (i.e. 1971 model year) so some or all of them may have been DS20.  Having said that, some references suggest that there was no DS20 BVM for the 1970 model year.

I also have no break down for Pallas vs Comfort and for RHD vs LHD.    I also do not have import numbers for Australia.

From the information I have, the following models were available in Australia:

  • DSpecial – $4,470
  • DSuper – $4,930
  • DS21 – $5,790
  • DS21 Pallas – $6,760
  • DS21 Safari – $6,100

From these prices, which I’ll assume are standard, before options and on road costs, you can see why most people opted for a DSpecial or DSuper!

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