Machines & Macchiatos March 2023

Today I attended the monthly Machines and Macchiatos event in Terrey Hills.   Last time I was able to attend was October 2022, when I took my DS.   Today is a swelteringly hot day of almost 35C,  much more suitable for a car with air conditioning.    I don’t think I’ve taken my 250SE to one of these events before, so I brought it along.   There was only one other classic Mercedes – a very nice 280SL pagoda in a subtle two tone.

I’m not sure if the heat had something to do with it, but the numbers were down quite a bit from previous events.   There are two main parking areas that are used, and previously both have been pretty full.   This time there were only a handful of cars in the second one.

It was interesting to contrast the 280SL Pagoda with a Series 2 E-Type OTS.   The production years almost fully overlap between the 280SL and the Series 2.   While the Series 2 is not considered to be the most desirable E-Type, the 280SL is thought by most to be the most desirable Pagoda.   I actually prefer to the earlier cars, but am in the minority.

280SL Pagoda

At least at the time I was buying my E-Type, a Pagoda would have been another option.   And given I’ve always been into Classic Mercedes a good one.   I probably could have purchased a nice left hand drive Pagoda for the same price too.    I did think about it, as well as Porsche 356.

In the end I went with the Series 1 E-Type because I think its the better classic.   The Pagoda is much better made, and probably more reliable and a better choice for regular use.    However, the Jaguar is more advanced, with the DOHC six and proper independent rear suspension.   It’s far more powerful and has a better manual gearbox.   They are both fairly cramped for me.   The Pagoda also drives a lot like its bigger brother, the W111 coupe, which I prefer.   The E-type is sportier and a better contrast with the other cars I own.    Plus, only the very early USA models were not spoiled by horrible side marker lights and other USA mandated nonsense.   Having said all that, they are both great cars and I would have been happy with both.

I really liked the colour of both cars.   The 280SL Pagoda had a lovely contrast with the body and the hard top, although strictly speaking the hubcaps should be the same colour as the hard top. The red interior is superb.    The E-Type looked great in that deep red with the black interior.

While the numbers were down, there were a fair number of interesting cars on display, particularly classic Holdens and American cars.

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