new W116 fuel hose, strainer and filter

I recently purchased a W116 280SE. On arrival, it wasn’t running too well, and the symptoms pointed to the car not getting enough fuel. A few weeks ago, I drained all the fuel in the tank and checked the main fuel filter and strainer. After doing all this, the fuel filter and strainer were all that bad. They certainly didn’t look bad enough to make the car run the way it did.

I figured I would be doing a fuel volume and pressure test next. Before I got to that though, it seemed to make sense to install a new […]

W116 fuel filter and fuel strainer

My recently purchased 280SE is not running well. The symptoms feel like it is not getting enough fuel. Strangely enough, performance picked up with more petrol in the tank. Based on that, I wanted to eliminate two fairly obvious things before I started troubleshooting the fuel injection system. Namely, I wanted to make sure the various fuel filters installed on the car were not plugged up, and that I eliminated bad fuel. Mercedes-Benz vehicles of this era are fitted with three fuel filters. There is a fine mesh fuel strainer in the bottom of the petrol tank, next there is […]

Troubleshooting stuttering and stalling in my 250SE

My 250SE has not been running well lately. Back in April, I hit a Kangaroo and the car was repaired during May and June. In July, the state of NSW plunged into a strict lockdown for COVID-19, preventing more than minor trips up to the shops for necessities. It was during one of those trips that I noticed that car was stuttering and stalling. It felt like it was not getting enough fuel.

In some ways it reminded me of a fuel delivery problem I had on my 1967 250SE Coupe. That car had been laid up for some years […]

300SE poor hot starts

The 300SE has been suffering from poor hot starts. It required a lot of cranking before it fired. On a K-Jet car, this is normally caused by a faulty fuel accumulator. From what I understand it’s the job of the fuel accumulator to hold fuel pressure after the car is switched off. I also planned to change the fuel filter as I didn’t know when it was last changed.

I also had the small in-line filter that fits in before the fuel distributor. It will have to wait as I didn’t have time to change it this time.

Obviously […]