450SLC Repaint part 1

My 450SLC has now spent a week at the panel beaters having rust removed and being prepared for paint.

The starting point was the chassis rail on the drivers side.  This is as very common W107 rust spot.


This was welded and then painted.

Rust repair

Rust repair

From there, work moved to the boot where both sides were rusting and there was some rust starting in the spare tyre well.  Again this is a very common W107 rust spot.   Even Australian delivered cars that have been garaged can develop rust here.


This section was probably the worst on the car.


There was also some rust behind both front wheels that needed attending to.   Road debris puts small holes in the underseal allowing water/mud flicked up by the wheels to start rust.   Again, a very common W107 rust spot.

Rust in wheel well

The bootlid also had to be prepared.   The design of the W107 boot lid is rather poor in my view.   There is a metal fold on the inside of the lid.   Water gets in here and rusts the lid from the inside.   Mine was rusting on both sides.

Bootlid rust


There were also a couple of small areas where the trim attached to the car.  These can get quite bad on the W107, as well as on the W116 and W123.    What is not shown on these pictures is the sills and jacking points, which only needed minor work in my case.   Also around the rear windscreen that I did about ten years ago.    Rust in this area causes the rear screen to delaminate.


From there the trim could be removed and the car prepared for paint




Next week there is still move preparation to do, and then the paint starts to go on.


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