DS Paint almost complete

The new DS paint is almost complete and it looks amazing!   The car is completely transformed with a professional paint job and a nice colour.    In addition, the wheels are sporting their correct grey.

DS Paint - Rouge Massena

I’m really happy with the decision to change the colour and to have the back of the car done.   Its not going to be cheap, but there is a night and day difference to the old paintwork.      The chassis has also been painted black which is correct for the car.    Rouge Massena is a great choice for this car.   You never can tell 100% from the sample.   It is much nicer than the Rio Red painted at home, or the white the car was originally painted.

Rear View

There is really not much left to do.   The bonnet obviously needs to be mounted, and the doors aligned.      I will be re-assembling the rear of the car myself as I stripped to to save costs.       At 47 years of age, I doubt this car has ever looked as good.

The DS is somewhat unique as the chassis is black and the panels bolt on.   This makes a DS paint job much more reasonable to do a colour change.    I doubt I would have attempted this with any other car.

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