Citroen DS wouldn’t idle

I came to start the DS the other day, and it started fine, but would not idle properly. Once the revs dropped below 1200 or so the engine died. The car had been running fine before so it was quite perplexing. I had some advice from the forum to try a few things, one was […]

The DS rides again!

After suffering the humiliation of a ham fisted owner the DS is back on the road thanks to Jason Hantos. It’s also all ready for another year of rego, success! Quite a hassle to have it towed

DS on a two truck


The DS is going to need a tow

But at least it won’t get dust in the gear selector.

I obviously stuffed up in my repair of the carby fuel inlet as I noticed fuel leaking from there, and in trying to tighten it a little, broke it off. It’s a good lesson as amateurs will make mistakes from time to time and […]

Preventing a DS Flambé

While the Citroen DS can be a rather hot car due to the engine being right next to the drivers knee, it is generally not a good idea to let it get even hotter through an engine fire. The weber carburettor that is used on the DS has the fuel inlet fitting press fit into […]