The DS is going to need a tow

But at least it won’t get dust in the gear selector.

I obviously stuffed up in my repair of the carby fuel inlet as I noticed fuel leaking from there, and in trying to tighten it a little, broke it off. It’s a good lesson as amateurs will make mistakes from time to time and they can cost money.

Broken Carby - stuffup

Broken Carby – stuffup

As luck would have it, the car is already booked into the shop for later this week for its rego, it just won’t get there under its own power.

Given the car won’t run, I took the time to finally get the gear mechanism rubber to fit properly.   This was quite time consuming and it needed soap and water to finally get it on.

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  • Michael

    You are very lucky that fuel inlet came adrift when it did. I am assuming the brass pipe pulled out of the die cast fitting? This often happens with old Solex and Weber carbs while running causing fires. The safest option is to fit a threaded fitting instead.

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