Citroen DS wouldn’t idle

I came to start the DS the other day, and it started fine, but would not idle properly.  Once the revs dropped below 1200 or so the engine died.   The car had been running fine before so it was quite perplexing.   I had some advice from the forum to try a few things, one was to check the float in the carburettor which was fine, and the other was to check the idle jet.   I wasn’t sure which was the idle jet and I didn’t want to mess with the settings, so when Jason who looks after the car for me offered to come over and show me, I was very happy to take him up on that.

Turns out it was the problem and I didn’t even need to take the top of the carby, the idle jets can be removed and cleaned from the sides.   One of the two jets can be seen on the side of the carby in the picture.


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