1987 Mercedes 560SEL

About the 560SEL

The 560SEL is an S-Class of the W126 range (1980-1991), a car that many enthusiasts regard as the last of the classic ‘over engineered’ Mercedes.    The 560SEL was the top of the range four door model offered by Mercedes-Benz during second series of the W126.   This car cost almost AUD$200,000 in 1987 before on road costs.    That was more than the cost of a nice house.      For comparison, a 300SE cost just over $120,000.    For that extra eighty thousand dollars (about the price of an apartment), you got most of the options thrown in at no charge, a 14cm longer wheelbase and a 5547cc M117.968 OHC V8.

For more information about the W126 in Australia, see this post.

About this car

1987 560SEL

This 560SEL was purchased new by a prominent western Sydney business man.    For most of its life, it ran the plate ‘700’ a highly coveted NSW numeric plate.   The original owner had business interests in country NSW, and the car was actually delivered out of the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Orange.     It would have been an excellent car for long distance driving.

I purchased the car off the original owner in March of 2020.   I wasn’t looking for a new car, but a one owner 560SEL in a great colour was not something I could pass up.    It will replace my 300SE as my primary driver.

1987 Mercedes 560SEL

The 560SEL is in 929 Nautical blue with a Grey (278) leather interior.      At the time of purchase, it had 326,000km on the clock.    The leather is in excellent original condition, as is the paintwork.

As part of the sale, the original owner donated the proceeds to the 2020 Australian bush fire appeal.   What a generous gesture!

Option codes

Option CodeMeaning
233Foglamp wiring for France, Switzerland, Australia, Sweeden, Norway
524Paintwork Preservation
581Automatic Climate Control
596Windshield, Untinted
601Oil for rear axle with limited slip
613Headlamp Left-Hand Traffic
625Version for Australia
677Tropical Battery
807Model year 1987

The option codes are actually few on this car.   This is primary because pretty much everything on the 560SEL was standard.    The only real ‘option’ on this car is the sump plate (undershields), befitting a car that was used extensively in the country.

1987 Mercedes 560SEL Undershields

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