560SEL refurbished Gullideckel wheels

My 1987 560SEL is in very nice cosmetic condition for its age and mileage.   The only thing that really let it down was the condition of the alloy wheels.    It was clear that they had been cleaned with harsh wheel cleaners many times over the years.   The paint was badly discolored.     I had some spare Gullideckel wheels that I could have sent away to be refurbished.   However, I also had a lovely set of refurbished alloy wheels on my 450SLC that were correct for the SEL.    That got me thinking that it might be better to get a different set of wheels for the SLC and put those refurbished Gullideckel wheels on the SEL.

The reason why I had the Gullideckel wheels on my 450SLC goes back to late 2018 when I purchased my 560SEC.   At the time, it came with a set of Simmons wheels.   They are a high quality Australian made wheel that are very popular on Fords.   I didn’t think they looked right on the SEC.    At the time, I was able to buy a lovely set of refurbished Gullideckel wheels from MB Spares and Service.   I originally planned to put them on the SEC, but in the end I decided to put the 8 hole replica wheels on the SEC and put the Gullideckel on the SLC.   The 8 holes rubbed slighly on the SLC and didn’t look quite right.

Based on all this, I purchased the Penta wheels for the 450SLC which I am very happy with.   I originally planned to wait a year or so to put the refurbished Gullideckel wheels on the 560SEL.  That was because the ratty wheels had good Michelin tyres from 2016 and the refurbished wheels had cheap tyres I didn’t like the feel of.   Two things changed that.   Firstly, a Black Friday sale for 50% off Pirelli tyres.   Secondly, I noticed that one of the Michelins had worn down on one of the edges from the alignment being slightly out.

I had recently had the front suspension rebuilt on my 560SEL.   My mechanic took it to be aligned, but I don’t think the alignment shop used the right specs as the handling was downright scary after the change.  I really noticed that driving in the wet for the Youngtimer Sacco Day.    I took the car back, and it took my Mechanic a few goes back to the alignment shop for them to get it right.   At the same time they wanted the castor bushings changed, which were slightly worn, but not that bad.    At least now I had a good alignment to start with for my fresh tyres.

The Black Friday sale meant that the tyres were only $270 fitted.   A great deal that also included some fuel discount cards.   I also kept the Goodride tyres, as they have tread left and I should be able to get $100-$200 for those.  They are currently for sale!

To take advantage of the deal, I fitted the nice wheels to the car a couple of days before.   While I was at it, I cleaned the wheel wells like I have for the SEC and SLC.    They were just as dirty and grimy as those cars.   I had the new tyres fitted the other day and the look of the car is transformed.   Its also much nicer to drive as well.


A nice set of wheels really make the car.   The Gullideckel were always an attractive style of wheel.   In my opinion, much more so than the previous set of available alloys.    The change also allows me to use the old wheels as spares in the various cars.   Three of the four Michelins are in good shape and from 2016.   This gives me a spare in the SEL, SEC and SLC.   The spares in all of those cars were well over 10 years old and not something to be relied on for long trips.   This was especially important for the 450SLC, as I plan to drive it to Adelaide in 2022 for the Mercedes Benz Clubs national rally.   I may even take a second spare in the boot.

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