For Sale: 1986 300SE W126

For Sale: Australian delivered W126 300SE in striking signal red and cream MB-Tex interior. Both interior and exterior in nice shape. Car was repainted by the previous owner. I’ve owned the car six years and it was my daily driver until the covid lockdowns. Since then I have a different job and I’m not driving it as much as I used to – time to find a new owner for it that enjoyed it as much as I have. Now on non-transferrable club rego. AC is nice and cold.

300SE for sale

Over the six years and 16,000km I’ve owned it, I’ve sorted out a lot of the common issues with these cars including head gasket and head service, rebuilding the climate control system including new compressor, rebuilt climate control unit, blower motor and regulator, relays, temperature LCD and loads more. Tyres are still quite new. I’ve also taken care of the usual maintenance including things like engine and transmission mounts, fuel pump etc.  The car is fitted with an Alpine Bluetooth radio.

The car drives really well and I get a lot of comments from people about it.

For more details, see all the work I have done on the car over the years.

Update 20/1/23:  This car is now sold.

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