2014 French Car Day

Today was the 2014 French car day.   Like last year, the event is put on by the French car clubs in Sydney, i.e. Peugeot, Renault, Simca etc.   It was a lovely day and a good turnout – especially of DS including a few cars I had not yet seen in the club.  A couple of cars in particular:

– A yellow D Special that was for sale not long after my car and was purchased by a club member and subject to a well documented restoration on Aussiefrogs.

2014 French Car Day

– A red Safari that was purchased in bits a few months ago by a club member and is already assembled and running.

– Jason’s DS (Jason looks after my car), which I had heard about, but not ever seen.

– A DS Pallas in a beautiful gunmetal colour.   Not sure who owns this car, but it looked great.   These dark metallic colours look great in Pallas spec.

– Many old favorites I have seen before.

I took some photos of the older cars at the show, and a video of the older Citroens.  One difference I noticed from last year was that there were less of the niche French marques.

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