Rebooting Retrosound

While I had completed the Retrosound Model 2 install in the Citroen DS a while ago, the radio was rebooting, at times when it appeared that it was trying to draw a lot of power. (e.g. higher volumes).

I had connected it to the accessory point behind the dash, however I don’t think it was getting enough current.

Therefore, I have now removed the radio, instrument cluster etc etc to re-wire the 12v line. I had already re-done the ground just in case and put a relay between the switch I was using and the ignition on power.

A separate […]

SLC Heater trims

The plastic trims around the heater controls in the SLC have been broken since I got the car. I noticed when buying another part that new trims were available and they were a reasonable price. So I purchased them – although it turns out the right hand one was out of stock so I got a refund on it.

Still, replacing only the left hand trim means and obvious before and after shot.

I have since been trying to find a new SLC heater trim for the right hand side. These are no longer available from Mercedes-Benz.


Shannons Eastern Creek car show 2013

Today was the annual car show at eastern creek, organized by the car clubs and sponsored by Shannons. It is one of the better shows of he year to go to as you see a great range of cars, and entrants get a parade lap around eastern creek raceway. It’s worth taking your own food as you wouldn’t serve the overpriced crap they have there to your worst enemy.

I’ve never entered a car in the show, but would like to one year to do the parade lap.


The DS can now take its own temperature

Ever since I bought the DS I had wanted to have a working temperature gauge. DS Temperature gauges are quite rare – only sold as standard in cold climates and on some high end models. My car had received a replacement instrument cluster some time in the past, but since the car was not sold with the gauge, the wiring was not present. Luckily the manual explains how to wire it up and the sensor is readily available.

I had already done the wiring behind the instrument cluster, so today I needed to fit the sensor and do the wiring […]

Polishing day

Today spend more time working on the paintwork of the DS. I finished wet-sanding the car, and the lower panels have all been polished with both stage 1 and stage 2 of the Auto Glym Paint Pro I have been using.

Overall the car is looking much better. Despite going through the paint in a few places where it was very bubbly, there is now some shine on the paint and the rear wings especially are not a matte finish anymore. I will do one more go of the stage 2 polish when I get some time.

I also spent […]