My 250SE is now repaired and better than ever

After the impact with a Kangaroo, my 250SE Cabriolet is back on the road and better than ever.    While the damage didn’t look that bad at first, the repairs required were extensive.   Unlike when you hit another car, A Kangaroo is ‘softer’ damage that isn’t as apparent to the naked eye.   It would be the same for hitting a Deer or other medium sized animal.

As outlined in the article linked above, there was a fair amount of body work required on the car.   In addition, we required a good used headlight, the grille repaired and re-chromed, a NOS grille mesh and new chrome strips from the Classic Centre.   During the repair there was evidence of previous minor accident damage which is now better than before.   These cars were very solidly built, so there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

250SE repaired

Obviously as well as the repair work the front part of the car needed to be repainted.  All Classic Car restorations, who did the work did a great job.  I actually got the car back a couple of weeks ago, and was planning to take a few nice photos.  However, we’re back in COVID-19 lockdown here in Sydney.  The best I can do is the car parked, ready to be used again in a couple of months. I have taken it on a few short drives to buy essentials, but that is all.

While the car was in the shop, I had them fit rear lap/sash seatbelts so my kids can ride in the car.   Despite what I was told, there were original mounting points for the shoulder belt hiding under the trim.

250SE repaired

Of course, one of those short drives resulted in a flat tyre, so I hope any back luck I have with the car is now behind me!    I don’t think its related to the crash, but I am still trying to work out the cause of a stutter or miss that the car sometimes has.   Plugs are fairly new, although it would have been started and moved around the workshop a bit when it was being fixed.   A few good long drives might even sort that one out.   I hope I can still display the car at the MBCNSW event later this year.  Unfortunately, it’s looking less and less likely.

250SE repaired

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