Rebooting Retrosound

While I had completed the Retrosound Model 2 install in the Citroen DS a while ago, the radio was rebooting, at times when it appeared that it was trying to draw a lot of power.   (e.g. higher volumes).

I had connected it to the accessory point behind the dash, however I don’t think it was getting enough current.

Therefore, I have now removed the radio, instrument cluster etc etc to re-wire the 12v line.   I had already re-done the ground just in case and put a relay between the switch I was using and the ignition on power.

A separate 12v sounds easy, but on this car it will not be.   I could easily do the jalopy repair and bring a cable around the front past the headlights to the drivers side and past behind the instrument cluster but I would prefer to do it right.

I won’t get a chance to do any more on this for a few weeks, but at least it is disassembled and ready.

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