Ad of the week: Jag Engineering and Elegance

This weeks ad is a well known Jaguar ad focusing on both the engineering and design elements.  Most specifically it addresses the Jaguar IRS, which was very advanced for it’s time.  Jaguar used it up until the 90s!

It is an early ad because it shows the outside bonnet latches and a different position than normal for the reversing light.     The picture below is supposed be elegant, but the lady in the car looks like she is trying to abduct a child.

Jaguar XKE Engineering and Elegance

The Jaguar Suspension

Considering all the furore and fanfare over the high-speed characteristics of the new Jaguar XK-E, it is not surprising that little has been made of the most unique aspects of this exciting car – namely, its incredibly superior suspension system which endows it with such remarkable riding comfort and road holding ability.

It is a well-known fact that automotive manufacturers have looked to independent rear suspension as the ideal. However, until now, IRS systems have been noisy – transmitting both gear and road noise through the body of the car. The Jaguar system however, has solved all this in a very neat fashion. Location of the wheels in a transverse plane is accomplished by means of two tubular links – the top link being a “half axle” universally jointed at both ends which also transmits the drive to the wheel. The lower link is pivoted at the wheel carrier and the subframe adjacent to the differential casing. Road shock is absorbed through twin coil springs with twin hydraulic dampers on each side. Finally the whole assembly is carried on a steel subframe which is insulated from the body by four rubber “vee” blocks, resting the whole in a sort of “rubber sandwich.”

This unique suspension system has led a leading British automotive publication to report “… incredible times recorded in silky silence that has hitherto been utterly foreign to the sports car.”

We cordially invite you to investigate the Jaguar suspension system, as well as the many other aspects of Jaguar XK-Engineering soon at your local dealer’s, and discover for yourself why Jaguars are the most advanced automobiles on the road today.

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