Fitting new Citroen DS door cards

Citroen DS door cards are quite simple as the door handle etc is above the actual door card.   So all it comprises of is the arm rest and a small hole for the window winder mechanism.   The door card is held onto the door through a series of metal clips that attach into holes drilled into the door.   The holes are fitted with plastic plugs that are gripped by the clips.

The door cards come without the clips, but with the attaching holes pre-cut into the backing of the door card.   The clips have to be eased onto the backing facing the correct direction so they can slot into the door.

New Door card

It would appear that my door had a few additional holes to get a good fit from the door card, so I ended up using nearly all of them.  Once the clips are on, a few minor adjustments are needed to make sure that the door card will fit properly.

A small hole needs to be cut in the fabric for the window winder mechanism, which is refitted the same way that it was removed.  While it was removed, I polished up the window winder handle with a bit of Autosol.

Once fitted, the new trim looks great!  A huge improvement on the old one.

New door card

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